Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Utah Diary

How do I sum up an awesome 5 days in Park City, Utah? With pictures of course! I took over 500 photos but I'll spare you unless, of course, you're my facebook friend.

We got in Thursday evening and had a low key night of beers, wine, and appetizers so that we could rest up and wake early for snowboarding the next day.

Friday morning, we geared up and headed to Park City. It was snowing a bit in the morning which made it hard to see and sometimes it was pelting our faces which hurt a bit (and made our faces red later), but it cleared up by the end of the day.

Friday evening, we got dressed at headed to Star Bar, an old favorite of ours for the dollar drinks (say what?) and shameless dancing.

We ran into a Polar Bear (who's also a bachelor!) on our way to the next bar.

Saturday morning we needed to rally, shake off our hangovers, get dressed in costumes and head to the Canyons for a Pond Skimming contest. We had no idea what Pond Skimming is and none of us bothered to ask. We figured if we got to be in costumes and hang on the mountain it's gotta be a good time. (I love any excuse to bring out my Party Penguin costume). We were dancing around the house while getting dressed and realized it wasn't even 10AM yet. We are rockstars.

It's always a party when there's a Penguin and Pirate around. Is it weird that I really wish my BFF would wear a beard all the time?

Going bananas! Costumes seriously make me so happy.

Spectators lined up to watch the Pond Skimming (which we learned is people dressed up in random costumes barreling down the mountain on skis and snowboards, trying to "skim" across the pond at the bottom of the hill. Best costume and ability to cross the pond wins prizes).

The gang.

We were absolutely wiped after the Pond Skimming and headed home for a nap which turned into staying in. Our friend Shiv made an awesome chicken dinner with rice and collard greens and we were content eating that and going to bed.

Sunday, we got up for another day of snowboarding on a different mountain, the Canyons. This one didn't have as many Green trails so I (the most inexperienced one) was stuck trying to get down a lot of Blues. I did OK by my standards but I was absolutely exhausted at the end.

Sunday night was our last night out since some of the girls were leaving on Monday. We went to O'Shucks for burgers and beers. Shucks is also another one of our favorite bars, found accidentally last year when we were just looking for a place that didn't have a crowd. It's a low key dive bar where people can play arcade games or eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. We decide, like last year, to have a dance party instead. Shucks is not a dancing bar by any means which is why we chose to do so there, we were deprived of attention as children.

After Shucks, we followed some new friends to Cicero's. We heard mixed reviews on it but were promised a dance party. Oh did we get one. The DJ was playing house music and everyone was going wild to it. I definitely never expected to be at what was essentially a rave until last call. Oh, Utah, how I love you.

We spent Monday walking around town and buying souvenirs since some of the girls were leaving that afternoon and my flight was early the following morning. I'm neglecting so many awesome details of this trip by just posting a photo diary but I don't have the energy and I hate to torture you with all the inside jokes. I've known many of these girls since middle school and high school and if you asked me then if I thought we'd be traveling together and sitting around the table talking about our changing, near 30, bodies, I'd have said no. I am so blessed to have them in my life for the talks, laughs, and endless adventures.

PS: Thank you, Jen, for being the most gracious host ever and putting up with our noise and mess!

PPS: Carebears, we thought of you the entire time and you were missed (tons!).


Bionic Woman said...

I love how your penguin costume goes where you go. It's like your passport to instant fun and gratification!

carebears said...

Aww, I missed you girls too. Wish I could've been there... next time :) love all the stories! Can't wait to hear the rest...