Tuesday, March 15, 2011

williamsburg -> philly -> astoria


I think I'm going back to my old ways; surviving solely on 5 hour Energy and Coffee. OK, maybe things have changed- there used to be a lot more vodka in that mix. And I've had to upgrade from coffee to espresso.

This weekend, I went straight from work to dinner at Bozu, a Japanese tapas lounge, in Williamsburg. We had tako balls (filled with cooked octopus), pork belly, and the party bombs, which is a sushi presentation I have never seen before. Oh, and lots of sake. I would've been content staying there all night but we stopped by a friends birthday, a few doors down, at Trash Bar. I believe I drank a drink with the word "Poison" in the name, and I can't remember much after that.

Saturday, after work, we drove to Philly to visit my best friend, Carebears, and her husband. (OK, they live in Norristown, PA, but since I can never remember the name, I always default to Philly). We were so tired from a long weekend and a late night that we were joking about getting to their apartment and asking if we could put on our pajamas and watch a movie. We didn't want to be duds, and would've gone out, but luckily my friends were just as content sitting in their beautiful (spacious!) apartment and drinking wine. (Are we getting old?) We sat and talked for hours and then decided to put on Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I have such a hard time staying awake for movies so I knew I was going down. But not before a midnight snack- Carebear's husband made us some (organic) mac n cheese before bed. Hey, I was on a mini holiday, right?

Sunday morning, I woke to our lovely hosts making us breakfast. The menu? Banana and nut pancakes, buttermilk biscuits with strawberry jam, piles of bacon, pineapple, and coffee. It was so indulgent and wonderful. I felt like I was at a bed and breakfast. After we ate, we got dressed, and decided to do a mini tour of Philly since I haven't been in years. We walked along the water by the museum (I'm saying museum, singular, because I'm assuming there's only one? Everyone kept saying, "Did you go to the museum?") but it was quite windy and chilly so we didn't linger on take too many pictures. We walked around the museum to the top of the "Rocky Steps" which was a little disappointing if you didn't start from the bottom. I was like, "this is it?"  I thought it was better to see it from the bottom of the stairs. We have to admit that we weren't interested in anything except pigging out on cheesesteaks (and getting out of the cold) so we went to Reading Terminal Market. There we got cheesesteaks (with cheese whiz) from Carmine's and roasted pork sandwiches from DiNic's. As usual, it was totally wonderful to consume, and absolutely painful, afterwards, when my stomach looked like I was a snake that swallowed a puppy.

We drove back to Astoria Sunday evening, got right back into our pajamas, watched some Law & Order, and went to bed, content and exhausted.


carebears said...

Wow, we sound like huge boring harass hosts! Next time we're going out for "poison" drinks!

carebears said...

I meant to write "fatass" hosts, not harass ;)