Friday, August 27, 2010

dating, according to Seinfeld

I was watching Seinfeld last night and it was the episode where George tells Jerry that he's got a date. Jerry asked George how Susan, a woman who he is seeing, would feel about that. George, oblivious, asked why she would care. Jerry explains that he's been seeing her for a while and it might not be ok to be seeing other people. George still seems perplexed by this so Jerry says, "Well let me ask you something, how often do you guys talk? On the regular?"

"No," George answers, "just about 5 times a week."

"And are Saturday plans implied or do you have to ask?"

"Well, um, uh, they're implied," George admits.

"And what about your medicine cabinet? Is there anything of hers in there?"

"Well, just some moisturizer and stuff," George answers.

"And what about Tampax, George? Is there Tampax in your apartment?" Jerry asks.

"Well, uh,..... yeah," George grudgingly answers.

"Then it's official," Jerry says, "she's your girlfriend."

I was skyping with my sister last night and we were pondering the same topic. When does a guy become your boyfriend? Officially, we mean. Is it implied after a certain amount of time? And how long? Or does there have to be a "talk?" I was seeing a guy for 5 months and never once was it assumed that he was my boyfriend, which was a good thing, since a girlfriend was the last thing he wanted. If I'm going by Jerry Seinfeld's definition of a girlfriend, well, I haven't talked to someone on the regular, had implied weekend dates, or left any of my personal belongings at someone's apartment in 4 years.

(Leaving stuff on purpose to have an excuse to call them doesn't count. That confirms you're not a girlfriend).

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