Tuesday, August 31, 2010

endless summer

Yesterday may have been the best day I've had this summer. I have been feeling really down lately and decided last minute that I needed to get out of town. I called up Romy, who lives at the shore, and told her I'm coming over. She picked me up from the train station, we picked up some wraps from our favorite wrap place, Ocean Cafe, and headed straight to the beach. I couldn't imagine a more perfect afternoon. There was not a cloud in the sky and we sat on the beach eating our wraps, drinking fresh juice iced tea, and catching up on gossip (which helped take my mind off things).

Around 5 PM we decided to head back to the house and shower up and that's when we learned that the power had gone out in the entire town and the surrounding towns. We snacked on a small bowl of cheerios (the simplest things are so yummy when you're hungry) and then showered. Since the power was still out we had to shower by candle light which made me wonder why I don't do that more often. It's so relaxing!

After we were all cleaned up we headed to the Tiki Bar to wait out the power outage since Romy needed to stop by the office to finish up some work. As we drove through the town all the street lights were out and it seemed all restaurants and businesses were closed. Thankfully, the Tiki Bar which was part of the Ocean Place Hotel was the only place still open, running on a generator. Halleluja!! We rushed to the bar for a frozen pina colada. Mmmmm!

As we continued to wait for power we realized that we also weren't getting any cell phone signal. We were really starting to feel like we were stranded on survivor island. Two guys approached us and asked if they could join us. They seemed harmless enough (oh little did we know!) so we told them to pull up a chair. This is where the night took a turn from a relaxing "dinner and drinks" night to the debauchery that ensued.

Romy was a little concerned about how we were going to get dinner in since every restaurant was closed. I told her that I thought dinner and getting back to work was gonna be a lost cause. Let's just drink and enjoy the moment. And this was when we starting downing berry mojitos like they were waters. Our group just kept growing, running into high school friends, and friends of friends.

The night had a funny summer camp feel to it...bored kids huddled around under the stars with nothing to do but cause some trouble. I love nights like that that are totally unplanned and you end up hanging out with strangers and laughing the entire time.

Can summer not end so that I can have more perfect days like this?

(PS- I'm obsessed with these hipstamatic pics. I want an iphone just for this ap).

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