Monday, August 9, 2010

everything but

I've had a bit of a strange day today. I was just feeling out of sorts with a headache and my body felt like it might after I ran a marathon except I wouldn't know because I've never ran one. Yesterday, I was getting some sun on the roof when some ideas just came to me and I packed up my stuff after 30 minutes outside to race to my desk and start writing everything down before I forgot. I wrote and wrote, with 4 cups of coffee worth of energy, until I hit a wall at 11PM.

Today I woke up before my alarm at 7AM. I got out of bed and checked my email, read the news, and caught up on some blogs. I texted my best friend and wished her a happy birthday. I got restless and also called her which woke her and she wasn't happy with me. At 9AM I decided to go to the bank and deposit some money which makes me happy to see in the account but I know it will just go to bills in a few days. I picked up a raspberry mocha frappacino from Starbucks on the way home. I thought, this day is perfect already. Starbucks is a rare treat for me. I ate some leftover whole wheat pancakes while watching Real Housewives of DC.

After an hour of the show, at 11AM, I forced myself to sit down in front of the computer to write. It is now 9:43 PM. In almost ELEVEN hours I've managed to do everything EXCEPT write down one word. I emailed some friends I haven't talked to in almost a year, took countless pictures of Gus, scrolled through Barnes & Nobles to add new books to the cue, read some of Bret Easton Ellis's Imperial Bedrooms, ordered a new ink cartridge from Best Buy, organized my digital photos, took 2 naps, and looked through every album that every Facebook friend of mine has ever posted. And then I looked through the photos of friends of friends on Facebook, all of whom I don't know. (I do love when you're able to view these albums though).

My mom called not too long ago (from Thailand) which squeezed my heart because she sounded so sad. She kept saying the distance was too much for her and that she hoped I could move there to be near her. All I could tell her was that I hoped to make more money soon enough to make more frequent visits possible. Which makes a case for the fact that I really shouldn't be sitting here looking through photos of people I don't know.

Instead, I decided to put on these gorgeous nude platform pumps that I bought from Steve Madden and only wore once on a date a little while back. It was a bad idea to wear them for the first time on the date because they were not broken in and I was incredibly uncomfortable the entire night. I blame the shoes that caused the discomfort that caused me to not enjoy the date. No, the guy was pretty awful actually. But I'm walking around the apartment trying to break in the shoes. Wouldn't want them to ruin another date...

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Tiffany said...

What an eventful day hahaha I pretty much worked and snuck on Facebook to look at everyone and their friends photo albums. I agree .... Its awesome when you can view them.

I wish ... I could get starbucks on a regular. I went there Thursday night and enjoyed a Cinnamon Caramel Latte (I think that's what the name was) and it was delish.