Tuesday, December 7, 2010

kinda cute slash creepy

I saw this funny article about researchers in China dressing up as pandas to take care of panda cubs and prepare them for their natural habitat via Hans today. (We both have a fondness for fluffy animals...I  can just see us growing old together, sharing a bed overflowed with stuffed animals). The concept and the pictures crack me up. Could a panda cub be that gullible?

I feel like this picture should be hanging in some panda family's den somewhere.


Why is this cub being put in a Container Store box?

Um, is this as traumatic for panda cubs as it is for children seeing characters out of costume in Disneyland? I would think so.

Still, put this researcher's job at the top of my coolest jobs list. Get to dress up in animal costumes and play with panda babies? Where do I sign up?

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