Monday, December 27, 2010

sanrio tree

I had wanted these Sanrio Christmas ornaments from Urban Outfitters but couldn't bring myself to pay $12 for each of them. So imagine my excitement when I found out they've been marked down to 99 cents!!! Gah!!! Sanrio heaven!

I grew up admiring my best friend's tree that was just covered with ornaments from each year of their lives. Each ornament was different and had a memory attached to it. I've been trying to start that tradition for myself so that maybe in a few years I could have a really nice tree. Urban Outfitters also had this Brooklyn Bridge ornament on sale. The BK Bridge is one of my favorite structures in NYC and I've had so many fun walks and bike rides there with friends and visitors.

I'm up to a whopping 6 ornaments now! (counting my Grinch and I heart NYC ornaments)

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