Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heels and Flat Iron update:

Just wanted to update you guys on last week's little experiment.

I flat ironed my hair the first day. My hair is definitely too thin to have ironed flat to my head. It looked awful. On top of that I feel like it hasn't been the same since. I can't seem to get the body back into it.

As for the heels, I did not trip, fall, or sprain my ankle as most of you predicted. Shoot, I can run in heels! But, regardless of my athletic abilities, a night out in heels in NYC is just not practical unless you're someone who takes car service and cabs. I was meeting friends at a few different places, Flatiron, East Village, then Upper East. I normally would walk and take the subway but I just couldn't do it in heels. And at the bar instead of being up and dancing or standing around talking to friends I had to find a bar stool to sit on because my feet hurt so bad. That lasted 2 days.

So to sum it up: I did not get a boyfriend. All I got were blisters.


Moonjava said...

I feel your pain, I cannot stand to walk around in heels. When I went to a research conference, I had to bring one pair to walk in and one pair to appear in because I couldn't walk the 2 blocks to the conference hotel.

I am amazed at the women that can wear heels all the time. Crazy! And you can run in them, KUDOS to you!

Stephanie said...

You lasted longer than I would've. Maybe next time you can start off with wedges and work your way up to heels?

Nina said...

I DID start off with a wedge!