Sunday, April 19, 2009

My weekend

I had such a stressful, busy, and exhausting weekend. I officially moved out of my apartment on Saturday. I am so grateful for the help I had from my friends; Wes, Tim, Holly, and Michele. I could not have gotten it all done without them and feel so lucky to have such amazing friends.

I was completely wiped after the move but had promised a few friends I would meet them out Saturday night. Mary came with me to Shauna's birthday party at Plan B. Heinley, whom I haven't seen in ages, came to meet up. I was having serious hot flashes and didn't think I would be out late but who was I kidding?

At one point this guy who looked exactly like my ex boyfriend walked in the bar and I thought I was gonna throw up. It turned out that he wasn't the X but I could not believe the resemblance. The lookalike kept standing near me and I was like, "I need a picture of him." But how? The three of us were in giggle fits trying to scheme how to take his picture. I said, "I know! I'll pretend I'm on a bachelorette party and that I need a picture of him." Silence. Mary replies,"That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Heinley suggests,"Mary, we should say you're from Europe and have never seen a black guy before." But Heinley, the one holding the camera, mind you, is black. We came up with the perfect plan. We pretend Heinley is taking a picture of us and as the lookalike is walking by we say, "Hey! Get in the picture!" It would have worked perfectly except Heinley didn't have the flash on. The guy looked pissed and walked away. Out of ideas, we decided to just take pictures of ourselves, standing as close to him as possible. I need to dig up an un-charred photo of the X, but check out the resemblance!

We were having such a blast stalking this guy for pics. He and his friends, not surprisingly, were not too thrilled with us. Ok here's the only pic I can find for you guys to compare. (below)

I had such an awesome time with these two.


Stephanie said...

What a familiar stunt! Sounds like fun :)

Frijolita said...

He does look like him!!! They're even wearing the same outfit, haha. A gals gotta do, what a gals gotta do.