Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"My friends think you're kinda douchey." High Five!

I was at brunch with my girlfriend, B, last weekend when I noticed a total hottie a couple tables away. I said to B, "Don't look yet, but that guy's really hot." I sneaked another peak just when he lifted his arm in the air and slapped his friend five. I cringed,"Oooh wait, nevermind, he just high fived his friend."

B, who had recently split with her boy toy, started laughing and said, "You know, Ex Boy Toy gave a lot of high fives. I never understood it. My friend, M, admitted to me later that he thought he was kinda douchey." For reals, all douchey guys high five and all guys who give high fives are kinda douchey. When I saw hot brunch boy giving the high five I couldn't help but wonder what was just said that warranted the kudos up high? "Dude, I just closed the Baker account!" High five! "Yo, I banged Jenny last night." High Five! "Man, this omelet is to die for!" Um...

Unless the high five was given after some sort of sporting accomplishment (sex not included), the high five is equivalent to having D-bag stamped on your forehead. Anyone seen Step Brothers?

I found this article in Wired mag pretty funny though. For those who insist on continuing to give props with this gesture, I like the 21 Jump Street.

Ok this high fiver is too cute to leave hanging. (Image via icanhascheezburger.wordpress.com)


Lali said...

yeah i so agree.
high five? run in the other direction.

Stephanie said...

High fives make me uncomfortable. I must've known all along.