Friday, May 14, 2010

Flight Boy

I recently went on a date with Flight Boy. I've made this mistake many times before but I have yet to learn. I wasn't overly excited about him when I met him but I thought, "He seems nice, why don't I go on a date to see if there are any sparks?" From past experience these sparkless guys that "seem nice" that I date to "see how it goes"  have never worked out. Yet I tried again.

He invited me to a Mets game and while I am a Yankee fan I love baseball games in general so I agreed to go. I was a little hesitant though. On the one hand a baseball game is a fun date where there wouldn't be too much pressure for face to face conversation. On the other hand these games could go on for hours and I would be stuck if I wasn't having a good time.

I had been drinking for 4 days straight prior to the date, had very little sleep, and was running late because I took a train in from Jersey. I didn't even have time to shower or change my clothes. He did everything right that day. He was very understanding of my "state," made good conversation, and was a complete gentleman. And by gentleman I mean he kept he filled with hot dogs and beer. I thought it was a great date and he seemed like a great guy but I just didn't feel any sparks. He just wasn't for me.

The following day he texted to ask me if I was free this week for drinks. I didn't want to waste either of our time stringing him along and debated what I could text back to turn him down "nicely." But I had forgotten about the text and forgot to reply. About 2 hours later he sent me another text that read, "A simple 'no' would have been suffice." UM. This made me livid. It was very hostile and rude. And where does he get off? How does he know I wasn't busy, in class, at work, on a train, or just any place where I couldn't text? This was a major dealbreaker for me so I definitely will not be seeing Flight Boy again.

Frankly, I'm surprised he's interested considering the poor showing I made at the date. Isn't it funny how there are dates where we take hours getting dressed and looking our best and we never hear back from the guy? And when we put in no effort (like negative effort) they're interested.

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