Monday, May 24, 2010

Officially birthdayed out!

So May is the much mentioned "Birthday Month" but last week was "Birthday Week" in serious effect. I went to dinner at The Mark on Tuesday. Wednesday, I met up with Miss Brit for a sushi dinner on St. Mark's. I've missed her so much and we got all caught up over sushi and sake. We then went to meet her friends at a pub where Brit didn't even remember she had her 22nd birthday. The bar was a dingy little pub where I asked Brit if she noticed that everyone in there was extremely unattractive. I am always skeptical of a bar full of uglies, I joked. It turned out to be a hilariously random night (most nights with her are) that ended with us pigging out on artichoke pizza. My stomach felt like it had a bowling ball in it the following morning.

Thursday, another great friend of mine took me out to dinner at Campaniolas in the Upper East. My friend Tanya, who was my best friend in kindergarten, also came. Dinner was absolutely fantastic. We had antipasto, steak, shrimp, and of course lots of wine and champagne. At the end of dinner the waiter brought out a huge plate filled with various cakes and desserts with a candle in the middle. I was absolutely touched, I really couldn't have asked for more, as the entire staff and restaurant sang Happy Birthday to me. I was smiling from ear to ear feeling like the most special girl in the world. That is, until I went to the bathroom shortly after and realized I had a HUGE basil leaf covering an entire tooth. An entire tooth!!! I was absolutely mortified! All those people staring and smiling at me. I thought they were thinking how fabulous I am. They were probably just laughing at my huge blackened tooth! I could've let it ruin my night (did I mention how mortified I was?) but I figured they must know that I just ate a delicious feast and that I don't always have a huge basil leaf stuck on my tooth. We drank lots and lots more after dinner and a nice gentleman got me a cab and paid my fare to make sure I got home safely. I must say not enough men my age do this and that's a shame. It really makes a girl feel like a lady. I felt so absolutely wonderful that night. I remember thinking during dinner that this is just what I needed. I was surrounded by people who cared about me and wanted to do something special for me, unlike The Boy who (at the end) kept reminding me of the things he couldn't give me. I thought, screw him! I deserve more!

My mood quickly changed Friday afternoon. Perhaps it was the post binge depression mixed with being left alone to my thoughts but I couldn't stop thinking about The Boy. I moped around on the couch the entire day wondering why I'm so unlovable. Then Little One made my night by calling me to say she was going to take me to dinner and drinks. I just didn't want to be alone, moping over a Boy who didn't appreciate me.

Saturday was my actual birthday (it's hard to keep track with how many celebrations I had). I again woke up feeling incredibly sad. I took "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" to another level. My mom called and I just wanted to burst into tears because I missed her so much. I was touched by all of the phone calls and messages but I just couldn't pull myself of out my birthday blues. I'm not sure what it was. I get it every year. Anyway, I bought a pretty off-whitish dress and cute heels to help cheer me up for the night. I went for an amazing tapas dinner with some of my girlfriends and then a night of dancing until we literally all fell in a heap from exhaustion. My friends are more than I could ever ask for.

(dessert was french toast with cream cheese filling- YUMMMMS!)

The birthday did not end there. I woke up the following morning and my legs were seriously throbbing from dancing in heels all night. I was throwing a birthday BBQ at 3PM and had not done one thing to prepare. Didn't bake the cupcakes, purchase food and alcohol, or clean. I was so tired I wanted to call everyone and tell them it's been cancelled. But Bionic Woman came over and lent a hand and the BBQ was a lovely low key shindig. It was slightly chilly at times but I was so happy it didn't rain like I had feared (and cried all week over).

I can honestly say I am extremely birthdayed out! I had such a good time and am touched by all of my friends and now I need to name June "Birthday Recovery Month."

I also want to thank everyone for making me feel so special, for taking me out, and for all of the cards and gifts. Bionic Woman got me an awesome shirt and a touching card, Little One made some yummy banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, and Elfin brought me Hello Kitty balloons (I'm such a child). My brother, the most thoughtful gift giver ever sent me this beautiful red leather journal with my initials monogrammed on it along with a lovely card that brought tears to my eyes.



Bionic Woman said...

Love you so much!

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[...] Then we headed to the Lower East for some tapas at Macondo (a favorite of mine, where I also had my birthday dinner). Romy’s friend Jimmy also joined us and we fought over shared some salmon ceviche, duck [...]