Monday, May 3, 2010

perfect sunny weekend

My first weekend in May was a great start to the month. I spent Friday afternoon reading on my roofdeck and met Bionic Woman for a Greg Holden show in LES later that night. BW has been on a quest to broaden my limited music knowledge. I'm definitely a new fan of Greg Holden. I was sold once I saw his hair and heard his British accent. done. 

I met Little One for an early evening drink on Saturday but early got very late after a few rounds of drinks.

Sunday was very warm (and I was a bit hungover) but I didn't want to waste a beautiful day indoors so I sat out on my roof deck again with a book (The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath) and a spray bottle of water to keep me cool. The snow, rain, and wind of the winter has made our roof look like a dump site of trash and debris so I spent an hour sweeping, cleaning, and setting up the deck furniture. I must have looked like a desperate housewife doing yard work in a bikini and sun hat.

After I was done on the roof I decided to take a bike ride through Queens down by Astoria park and along the water. It was so relaxing. I stopped at the Hell's Gate bridge to take a photo. I love this view for some reason. The pictures do not do justice to the blue skies and the view.

I rewarded my hard work with a bottle of champagne and a cheese plate with Elfin at The Clerkenwell in LES. (The French waitress is so sweet there). Tim and Little One met up with us and we had two more bottles of wine and tapas at Macondo. The decor of this place is so cute and ceviche might be my new favorite food. (Their salmon ceviche was to die for!)

At one point I looked up from our yummy plates and saw that we were all updating our facebook statuses at the same time. We're so cool!

The bathroom at Macondo is painted with chalkboard paint so I left our mark.

I heart sunny weekends with beautiful friends!

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More to come my dear!