Tuesday, May 4, 2010

unicorns, dinosaurs, and robots, Oh my!

I've had birthday on my mind lately since it's birthday month(!). There's so much I want do but my friends have such different schedules. Oh and there's that teeny tiny little thing - I'm broke. I was having a downer day last week and was going to punish myself and not celebrate my birthday because I felt I didn't deserve it. But, you know, it only comes around once a year and maybe I was being just a little harsh on myself.

I've been feeling my age lately and, combined with being broke, I thought a BBQ on my roof top would be a great, affordable birthday party. I decided to have a Unicorns, Dinosaurs, and Other Mythical Creatures BBQ, a little throw back kiddie party (with alcohol of course!) so that I can reminisce about the days when my biggest concern was hoping no one would find me first during Hide & Seek. I came up with the theme from a hilarious party I attended that involved unicorns and robots, and the dinosaurs part is a running joke with my girlfriends, and I decided to throw in other creatures just to leave the possibilities endless.

I was cleaning my room the other day and I came across some old birthday party photos. They made me a little sad because those times were just so happy. Is that weird? My mom is the most incredible woman ever and she used to throw me the best birthday parties with the best cakes. She would also surprise me at school with pizzas, soda, and cake for my entire class. (That's how I made my friends).

And look! I found a birthday where I had a unicorn cake! Full circle, baby.

This photo makes me laugh. I was such a little brat. My mom got me the dress and the leotard and I was mad that this girl in my class put it on because she was so much bigger than me and I thought she'd rip my leotard. Hey, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!


Sarah said...

You've got to love the dress your mom is wearing in the picture with your class. Classic.

nina said...

My mom is the original 80's queen. I get my love of the 80s from her.

Bionic Woman said...

Your mom is beautiful! As for the party, I will be there with my magic wand to grant wishes - pretty magical stuff.