Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bright lights

This Fourth of July was one of the best I've had in years. Last summer I was in Thailand so July 4th came and went without me even knowing it. The weather was in the mid 90's again and I wasn't in the mood for beating the crowds to watch some fireworks so we decided to have a low key get together at our Astoria apartment. My roommate and I went on a hunt for a kiddie pool in the morning- with success! Isn't it sad what we consider luxuries in NYC? Being able to afford a $14 plastic pool filled with 2 inches of water. It took me about 30 minutes to blow up the pool (little girl with big lungs) and about 25 trips to and from the bathtub lugging tupperware filled with water. But oh was it worth it!

Some of my best friends stopped by... Good company is all you need, right?

The sky was absolutely breathtaking during sunset. We were worried we wouldn't see any fireworks because it was on the Hudson river this year but we got more than we expected from every direction on our rooftop.

Add the city lights, Christmas lights, and sparklers (I burnt my fingers within seconds) and the rooftop was just magical.

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