Thursday, July 1, 2010

library stamp

Speaking of bikes...

I had been in search of a library stamp for the books in my library for a while now. There were just so many choices out there that I couldn't decide and then put off buying one. But I came across this stamp by Asspocket Productions on Etsy and instantly fell in love!

Of course, it will say Ex Libris Nina Christensen on it. I can't wait till it arrives in the mail!!!


raven said...

What a cute idea! Ive never thought about stamping my book collection, but it's such a good idea!! I'm sure your great great great, etc...grandchildren who possibly end up with the library collection will think it was a cool idea that you did it, too :)

nina said...

Thanks! I didn't even think about my grandkids. There are so many cool library stamps on etsy.