Monday, July 12, 2010

sibling love

I was in North Carolina last weekend visiting my brother. The weather was so hot that we didn't do much of anything, but just sitting around, shooting the shit with him is always a great time. We watched some World Cup, found excuses to drink in the middle of the day, went to the movies, and ate everything in sight.

I took tons of pictures to send to my mom... I asked him not to look so handsome because he always out shines me : )

I had a really hard time leaving. I love him so much it actually hurts, you know? I cried so much at the airport that this lady turned to me and said, "Child, you look like your husband beat you." I don't have a husband, I told her. "Well you ain't gonna get one looking like this. You going to the ugly cry." Is it ironic that this woman who called me ugly and said I wouldn'd find a husband actually cheered me up?

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