Sunday, July 4, 2010

karate cat

We learned something new at our BBQ. Gus HATES paper towels with a passion. We were all sitting in a circle talking and enjoying our burgers when the roll of paper towels had fallen on the ground in the middle of us, the end paper flapping in the wind. Out of nowhere, Gus pounces and begins kicking, ripping, and biting the evil paper towels.

His face in this picture is just priceless. Only one contender was going to come out alive and Gus was determined. We watched him and cheered, encouraging him to keep beating the shit out of the paper towels and I couldn't help but feel like I was no better than Michael Vick.

He later realized what he had done, beating up on something that couldn't fight back, and put himself in timeout.


carebears said...

Cracking up right now. The first pic is priceless.

Bionic Woman said...

I can't handle how awesome that picture of Butterball is. Totes priceless...he's one amazing cat I tell ya.