Monday, September 20, 2010

High School Reunion

This past weekend I attended my 10 year high school reunion in Jersey. A lot of people said to me, "Wow, I can't believe you went. I didn't go to mine." It had never crossed my mind not to go. Ever since I graduated I just assumed we'd all see each other again at the reunion. I went off to college as a Psychology major, hoping to become a psychologist. I definitely never could have imagined the life I have now at 28. I changed my major 3 times, my career twice, moved 6 times... It's definitely been a journey with lots of detours and side streets.

So I hopped on the train and headed over with my best friends JWow, Carebears, and Carebear's husband. It was awkward from the entrance where I walked into the banquet room and scanned the faces and realized I didn't actually have anything to say to anyone. I was stuck in a lot of uncomfortable conversations where there would be some awkward silences. After the standard, "How are you, where do you live, what do you do?" there was not much else to say. I felt like I would have had a buffer if I had a spouse with me. Like I could've turned to my husband and said, "Honey, did you say you wanted to try the salmon?" and politely excuse ourselves. Instead, I would say, "I'm gonna, um, grab another drink." Which is why I got very, very drunk.

At some points I remembered thinking, "Why did I come to this?" But as the night went on, I was having a blast hanging out with my girlfriends who I'm still friends with anyway.

We danced to some songs from our high school days like Britney Spears, BackStreet Boys, and Sisqo. Gotta love the thong song!

There were so many hilarious quotes from the night. There were people who wouldn't say hi at the reunion but they're friends with me on facebook. I was like, "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize we're only friends on the internet and that I have to be subjected to your pictures of your children and your posts about childrearing but we're not friends who say hi when they see each other." And then there were the girls who threatened to beat me up every single day of high school to the point where I didn't want to go to school anymore. My friend Jwow asked me, "Did you ask them if they remember threatening you everyday?" No, I answered. "Well, I think you should," she said. Wouldn't that have been funny?  Then there was the girl who is the mother of my ex's child. I was so drunk and I told my girlfriend, "She impregnated my boyfriend when we were dating." Haha. Then we were on the dance floor and I turned to Carebears to comment, "I feel like we're at prom." At the same time she turned to me and said, "This feels like a 40 year reunion." I was feeling like I was 18 and she felt we were 60.

I drank so much...too much. I definitely didn't look like a changed at all. Overall, I had fun but it just felt so...high school. I woke up and said, "I wanna hide under a rock for a year," after my drunken behavior of the night. Carebears turned to me and said, "Yeah? How about 10." Yikes. I don't think I'll be attending the 20 year.

Here's a picture of me and my Romy. We never ask what the other person is wearing and we always end up wearing similar outfits. We seriously share a brain.

Perhaps the best part of the night, aside from hanging out with my best friends was our end of the night stop for a Crave Pack at White Castle. I felt disgusting the following morning but it was oh so good when I was eating it. And that's all it's really about right? Living in the moment.

And purging later.

Just kidding. Don't do that. It ruins your teeth.

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carebears said...

Love this. And yes, we're going to the 20 yr.!