Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Party Down

I have been pretty down lately and I mentioned to a friend that I couldn't watch any movies or shows with love or romance in it. So I've mostly been watching true crime shows such as Unsolved Mysteries and 48 Hours Later. Violence and murder, I can deal with. My friend thought I could use a good laugh and suggested the series, Party Down. I had never heard of it before and after watching the entire first season I am OB-SESSED. It is knee slapping and snorting laughter funny. The show's about a bunch of wanna-be and failed actors working for a catering company in LA. The writing is just incredible.

I was feeling pretty pathetic for buying a tub of ice cream at the supermarket but my friend came over and shared it with me so it was less pathetic. We drank beers, ate ice cream, and watched the entire first season. When it was over he got up to leave and said, "Call me for your next fat girl night."

The box set for Season 2 comes out Sept 28th. I can't wait!!!


steph said...

I've got a series of NYC questions for ya! Can you send me an email?

nina said...

Hi lady! I actually can't find your email anywhere on your site. Mine is on mine Feel free to email anytime!