Sunday, September 12, 2010


My weekend was pretty jam packed with fun. I had plans with Bionic (I haven't seen her in so long!) but sadly she suddenly felt ill and had to cancel. I was sitting at the bar talking to a friend who said he had to go out to dinner with 3 married couples. I told him I knew how he felt since I'm also usually the odd number out at dinners. He was upset that his date had suddenly cancelled and I offered to join him invited myself to come along. Hey, dinner was at Wolfgang's and I had never been. A totally last minute plan due to 2 cancellations, but the night turned out to be super fun. The steak dinner was absolutely delicious (his date was vegetarian so it would've just been a waste on her anyway) and we continued on after for a long night of drinking.

I was struggling to get through work on Saturday morning but had to jump on a train right after and head to Jersey for another night out with my girlfriends. Nothing a 2 hour nap on the train couldn't fix. We met up at our favorite local martini bar to celebrate our friend, JWow's, visit. I'm not sure if it was the company of high school friends, or if something else had gotten into us, but we were beyond immature the entire night. Sometimes it's fantastic to behave like delinquent teenagers. After the bars closed we went on for drunk food (cheesesteak sliders mmmmm) and then belted out songs along with the radio during the drive home. I wish we were videotaped because it was the most atrocious performance. Ever. We ended the night by camping out in Carebear's mom's living room. Did I ever mention how much I love slumber parties?

The following morning we woke up and got breakfast together before they sent me off on the train. I swear, it doesn't matter how much time goes in between seeing these girls, whenever I see them it just feels like, "Ah, this is home." All is right in the world when I am with them.

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carebears said...

Love this post! "in my head" has been in my head since we sang it as loud as we could on the ride home! We were being immature with our mean girls texts! Haha