Friday, September 10, 2010

NOLA booked!

On Thursday, fittingly during the Saints game, I drunkenly booked a flight to New Orleans. My sister had sent me a link for a Jet Blue fare sale and I scoured the list, searching for a city of interest. I had only 2 hours before the sale ended and needed to make a quick decision. I pulled out my laptop and hastily typed in my credit card info since I was also running low on batteries and didn't want the laptop to die mid transaction. I blame the haste, more than the drunkeness, for the following confirmation email:

"Itinerary for your upcoming trip, Ms. Lina D1rkensten!"

This is a major fail, even for me. I was on the phone with Jet Blue for hours. Luckily someone there had a sense of humor. Now that that's sorted out, I'm so incredibly excited for my trip in November. I have never been there before and am looking forward to spending a few days with my old roommate, Andrew, and seeing the new bar that he's opening, and of course exploring the city, drinking and eating my way through.

Oh please hurry up and get here, November!

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carebears said...

I love that you typed the wrong name. Sitting here cracking up!