Friday, April 22, 2011

some of my posts

Hey, hey, it's finally Friday! Good Friday to be exact.

Here are a few posts I worked on this week:

V-MODA Antitheft Headphones. Well, theft deterring that is.

Do these undies promote abstinence?

I wrote some of the questions for an interview with swedish musician, Oh Land! She's actually a new fave of mine.

Pre-game for Easter with an all day Grilled Cheese fest. Yum!

Mandy Moore's sassy new hair color. Do you guys prefer her as a blonde, brunette, or red head?

Oh, and more photos of my adorable niece and nephew.

What are you guys doing this holiday weekend? The BF and I are thinking about dyeing Easter eggs tonight (and of course eating them all). Happy Easter!

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