Monday, April 11, 2011


Where does the time go? It's Monday already? My Friday night was extremely exciting. I did my taxes (it's kinda depressing how little I made last year), filled out paperwork for a new license and passport, ate some ice cream, and watched a TV with my roommate. I'm a rockstar.

After work on Saturday, I went to meet up with my boyfriend's friends at McGee's Pub. We tried to pick a location that was an easy compromise for everyone who was coming from Queens, Brooklyn, and Washington Heights and were able to settle on Midtown West. We didn't even know it when we picked the bar but McGee's this the NY bar that was the inpiration for McLaren's Pub on the show, How I Met Your Mother. We thought that was pretty cool and had a fun time trying to figure out who was the Ted Mosby and the Barney out of the group.

I worked again on Sunday, watched some baseball, made a Taco Bell run for dinner, and laid in bed watching Californication. I'd say that's a pretty good finish to a low-key weekend. (And I've gotten through Week 1 without a day off. 3 more to go!) What did you guys do?

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