Tuesday, April 26, 2011



I'm making a huge effort to post my weekend updates well before the following weekend. I'd say Tuesday is a big step up! We didn't get around to dyeing Easter eggs this past weekend, we just couldn't find the energy. I ended up staying in on Friday night and breaking plans to do the same thing Saturday night and was asleep by 11PM (even after drinking a Red Bull).

Sunday morning, we went to our new local favorite, Queens Comfort, for a Southern style brunch. I ordered poached eggs over a plate of disco tots covered in cheese and bacon. It was sinfully delicious but thankfully I didn't finish the entire plate. (I ordered the homemade doughnut to go since I was so full).

Later that afternoon we drove to Jersey for Easter dinner. It was such a gorgeous Spring day and we got to sit outside on the deck facing the lake while we waited for dinner to be served. It was the first time that I had celebrated Easter, and while I'm still a little lost on the religious part of the holiday, if I'm fed all that yummy food again, I want an invite every year! I had meat and cheese for hors d'oeuvres, pasta and lamb kebabs for dinner, and canollis, cupcakes, jellybeans and chocolate for dessert. Next time though, I would eat about three fewer fistfuls of jellybeans and would have shoved them in my pocket for later instead. Oh the tummy ache that night!

There was so much traffic on our way back, it took an extra two hours to get back into the city. Again, I was exhausted (are you tired of hearing me say this yet?) and was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

Tomorrow evening I'm scheduled to interview actress, Michelle Williams, at an event so guess where I'm off to right now? Bed!

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