Thursday, May 19, 2011

last minute plans

Tonight as I was walking to the subway after work I got a call from my good friend. We were catching up for a few minutes before she was going to see a show by herself. Her friend had cancelled last minute. I wanted to offer to go with her but I was literally standing next to the subway and had so much to do when I got home. But I thought about it for a few more minutes...I never go out anymore, I've been such a bad friend to everyone, and what I needed to do could be put off for a few more hours...and I was in desperate need of a cocktail after a tough day at I agreed to meet her.

We walked down towards St. Marks and I stumbled upon this tiny little take out store that sells octopus balls. My boyfriend and I always pass it when it's closed and keep saying we wanted to try it out. It was delicious! Unfortunately, I spilled the sauce on my jeans and smelled squid-y all night.

Afterwards, we headed over to Webster Hall to see Brett Dennen. We both had never heard of him before but she had free tickets that she didn't want to waste. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the band. We just wished we knew the words so that we could sing along like everyone else.

I never want to go out anymore because I don't have the money or time, but I must admit it was so nice to hang out and see my girlfriend. I guess the trick is to catch me before I get on the subway!

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Sarah said...

Doesn't he sing that song, "Sydney"? It's always on satellite radio.