Friday, April 23, 2010

Cali diary (LA)

My trip to Cali was fantastic but I sure am happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed again. I originally planned the trip to see my mom who was visiting from Thailand. But then my bestie, Kate, had work in LA the same weekend. And then my friend, Hannah, was on holiday there that same week with her family. And my friend, Nick, from Thailand, lives in Orange County. So it was a trip made of a random group of people. And that's probably the best way to sum up the entire week: Random.

I was excited for a short holiday but also thought it would be a good chance to take a little break from The Boy. Things have been going well but you know when you get to that stage called "The Crazies?" Suddenly I was analyzing everything he was doing and became super insecure and felt like I was doing most of the pursuing. What did I want from him, he asked me. Nothing, was my answer because I really have no idea what I want. He told me from the beginning he wasn't ready for more. I told him from the beginning, neither was I. So what was my problem exactly? What had changed? I think the problem was with myself. I was angry with myself. The statement, "I'm not asking anything of you," has been uttered by me before. It felt strangely familiar. I had "asked nothing" of TA and a few others before him who had my heart. I took what they could give me, never asking for more because I knew they didn't have more. So anyway, I was looking forward to the time away to see what I was really feeling.

My journey to Cali was seemingly getting off on a right start. I got a cheap taxi from my apartment to LaGuardia, had plenty of time to check in, got an aisle seat with an empty seat next to me. I was buckled in and ready to nap the entire way when the pilot came on the speakers, "Folks, looks like we're being held here momentarily. The mechanic said there's something wrong with some door and a thing needs to be brought to fix the thing." UM. My annoyance for the delay was put aside for the fact that our pilot had no idea what the parts of the plane are called. Is he high? I thought. To make it worse, because we were delayed for a while, they decided to let some stand-by passengers on. I suddenly had very unpleasant seat neighbors; a talkative, bratty child, and 2 ghetto parents. During our connection, I bonded with my window seat neighbor over complaints of our new flight mates. He asked if he could call me when we got back to NYC. Hmm...

I arrived in Santa Ana and it felt just like being home when I saw my mom. I was instantly fed and fussed over. The following morning my mom and her two Thai friends drove me to get lunch in Thai Town ( I would seriously move to LA just for this) and then dropped me off at the Beverly Hills Hotel to meet Kate. Kate and I drove straight to Venice Beach because we were desperate for some sun but unfortunately it was still a little too chilly. We met this little cutie, The Flying Lion, when we were walking on the boardwalk. His leash was tied to a skateboard outside of a restaurant while his owner dined inside. I wanted so badly to take him and the skateboard home.

After the beach we went to get dinner at the Farmer's Market in La Cienega. (I would also move to LA for this). We walked around The Grove for a bit and stumbled upon a free Jordin Sparks concert. How random. We hung around for a bit but it was getting late and we still didn't have a place to shower and rest our heads. Facebook status: "Perhaps Kate and I should leave the Jordin Sparks concert and try to find a place to stay for the night." We looked up some places on her iphone and after driving past some sketchy motels in Hollywood we settled on the glamorous Quality Inn. (We can't wait until we make more money so that we could at least afford the Holiday Inn. Sigh). We showered up and tried on a bunch of different outfits. The result? We felt pale, fat,  and old. Yikes. After a few Vodka sodas and a touch of Victoria's Secret spray tan our perception was altered. Damn, we look hot (for our age)!

We headed to My House, a club in walking distance from our hotel motel. For some reason I just felt like I was too old to be there. We drank, we danced, but I threw in the towel when Kate was accosted on the dance floor, being humped from behind, and I was boxed out. (I was also extremely drunk by now). I said to Kate when we stepped outside for air, "Lets find some hot...pockets and heat 'em up in our motel microwave." Kate started laughing, "At first I thought you were gonna say let's find some hot men. Things have definitely changed." Indeed, they have.

The following morning we had brunch at the Omelet Place. (Also, would move to LA for this). Yummms. Kate had a photo shoot in the afternoon so she dropped me off at Venice Beach. Like a dog chained outside a grocery store, I just stared in the direction of her car when she left. I missed my Romy already. It was slightly warmer so I decided to read my book on the beach. I took off my shoes and jeans but it wasn't warm enough for full on bikini so I left on my shirt and leather jacket. I must've looked like I forgot something when I left the house in the morning.

I finally finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy and I highly recommend it. It's a story of a father and son living in a postapocalyptic America and their journey to survive. With all of the end of the world talks lately, I bit my nails throughout the entire book thinking this could be non-fiction some day. I sat there on the beach crying after I finished the book, and still pantsless. I must've looked like I fit right in with the freaks of Venice Beach.

My cute red Vans in the sand.

Some more pics from Venice beach

Finally, my friends, Nick and Hannah arrived. We walked around the boardwalk some more, watched the boys play hacky sack (people still do that?) and skateboard (so hot) and then they dropped us back off at "The Inn" as it was now called.

I love this photo of us.


Bionic Woman said...

Pantsless and wearing a leather jacket on Venice Beach. I'm sure, given the location, that you fit right in and much like NYC, no one even noticed.

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