Monday, April 5, 2010

look at me, I drink coffee too!

So I bought a travel coffee mug today. I know, doesn't everyone own one? I haven't had one since my freshman year of college when I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond along with all the other items on the College Checklist that I didn't need like a lap desk and inflatable chair. I remember the first time I used it. I made some instant cappuccino in my microwave and proudly toted the disgusting tasting product to my 8AM Calculus class and felt all collegey and cool. My misconception that people who walk really fast holding coffee mugs are really important started back then. I got to class and chose a seat in the middle corner (not too close but far enough where the professor can't see me drawing cartoons the entire hour). I took one sip from the mug and had brown liquid dripping down my chin. Yeah, I was way cool. I took another sip and the same thing happened. What the f? It took about 3 more sips and the entire front of my shirt looking like a Rorschach blotch for me to realize the lid had a crack in it. And I never carried a travel mug or drank instant cappuccino ever again.

Anyway, so today I wanted to be a cool owner of a travel mug again. If I can't have a goddamned full-time job at least I can walk around looking like I do! It's a Contigo mug with an autoseal and supposedly spill proof so we'll see if I will end up looking like I took a sip after being injected with novacaine.

What's that? Oh you wanna know about the adorable headband that I'm wearing? I made it myself! : )

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