Friday, April 23, 2010

Cali diary (more LA)

Hannah was quite relieved to be in the company of girls (me and Kate) because she had been staying with Nick and his friends and, well, sometimes you just need a break from the boys. We went through the same getting ready routine again, trying on everything in our suitcases and beating ourselves up for how fat, pale, and old we are. (Haha- does anyone else go through this?) Again, nothing a little vodka and spray tan can't fix.

We chugged some 5 hour energy (again, we are old) and headed out to Rockin' Thai for dinner. Another friend of mine, LA Boy, met us at dinner. Le sigh. LA Boy is one of those guys who is confident and charming and makes you giggle like a little girl when he's around. I met him 2 years ago and he still pops up in my mind every now and then.

After dinner we actually went back to the same club, My House, because we didn't want to drink and drive. The doorman does this thing where he makes you wait outside the door and then he opens it in this grand gesture and says, "Welcome to My House!" as if he was a butler to a castle. Hannah was quite excited but Kate and I were like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just open the damn door." We had a great night, drinking and dancing, and no one was assaulted on the dance floor. Strength in numbers. Or maybe you just need one 6'3 black man standing with you. Ha.

Kate had to work again in the morning so we had said we would keep the night low-key. You should know from my past blogs that whenever I say I'm having a low-key night it is always anything but. But I tried to keep my promise of not being a bad influence. I left for another party and kissed Kate and Hannah good-bye as they were going back to the hotel.

I returned to The Inn early in the morning and only found Kate  sleeping in her bed. She had 2 more hours to sleep so she mumbled something about how she'll talk to me when she wakes up. I went back to sleep as well. I woke up around 9AM because my mom was calling. She and her friends were picking me and Hannah up to drive to San Francisco at 10AM. I hit "ignore". UM. I turned over to Kate. Where's Hannah? Kate said, well, they ended up going to another party afterwards but then Kate had to leave and she asked for Hannah's number but Hannah didn't have a phone so she left her. UM. My mom was gonna be there in an hour. The following 2 hours was like something out of The Hangover. Kate and I tried to piece together the events of the night before to figure out where she could be. Kate had to leave soon for work and my mom sure as hell was not going to wait around. We had no idea what to do with her bag. Do we leave her? Take her bag? She'd have nothing to wear but her LBD. I kept ignoring my mom's calls. It was the funniest 2 hours ever. We were concerned. A little. But we couldn't stop laughing. The night before the club was playing the Sugar Hill Gang song and we were all jokingly singing, "hotel, motel, Quality Inn," and Hannah had said, "Oh my God, this whole time I was singing Comfort Inn!" I shook my head at her saying the syllables don't even fit! I thought, surely from this funny mistake she would remember the name of our hotel. It turns out, she didn't. She was looking for us at the Comfort Inn.

We eventually found her and I blamed our lateness to meet my mom on finding a taxi (she felt terrible for not picking us up), the taxi guy getting lost (he was offended that we blamed him), and the ever so trusty, LA traffic. Everyone understands when you say, "LA traffic."

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