Thursday, November 17, 2011

baby's 1st birthday

A few weekends ago, during that freak fall snowstorm, my boyfriend and I drove up to Massachusetts for his cousin's 1st birthday. We were hoping for a beautiful fall foliage drive but got snow instead. Not that it mattered because I was asleep for the entire drive. We were going to drive back that evening to attend a Halloween party but, because of the heavy snowfall and dangerous road conditions, we decided to stay the night. My boyfriend was worried that I would be upset about missing a costume party but I honestly couldn't have picked a better setting to be stranded. The house was full of food, candy, cake, and booze for the party so we stayed up late into the night finishing it all while playing with all of his little cousin's toys and games. In all of my years of partying, who knew a baby's first birthday party would be one of the most fun?

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