Wednesday, November 2, 2011

upcoming project: photo shoot

While my hard drive is down I can at least update you guys with images I have in my phone. Last Tuesday I spent the night at my best friend's apartment so that we could prepare the props and get up early the following morning for a photo shoot. The shoot is for an upcoming project that I'm really excited about. (Details soon!)

We stayed up late eating pizza, drinking wine, and painting, gluing, and even toasting our cute little props. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, I don't think slumber parties and crafting will ever get old for me, but my sleep deprived best friend couldn't wait to finish so that we could go to bed. I wanted so badly to keep the beach cruiser, pictured below.

Our photographers were so much fun to work with and at one point they hopped on the other's shoulder to get the shot. Now that's commitment! They called it the "totem pole." We had such a blast working on this shoot and really lucked out with the awesome fall weather.

More images soon!

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