Thursday, November 17, 2011

midday pick-me-up

While working from home this afternoon I hit a midday slump. I decided to watch a little tv while eating my lunch. Then I saw a commercial for Starbucks advertising buy one get one free coffee. I sure needed a pick me up. And two is even better than one. I walked to Starbucks in the rain, unshowered and displaying VPL (no shame- ok, a lotta shame). I ordered a double of my favorite Peppermint Mocha. Something about those red cups just make me so happy. Effective marketing, Starbucks. 

On my way back I caught a glimpse of Tracy Morgan shooting 30 Rock on Steinway St in Astoria. (Yeah, Queens!) He was hugging fans and posing for photos. I would've gotten in line for a hug (almost as effective as caffeine for a pick me up) but I had my hands full with the coffee (and I was very ashamed of my VPL).

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