Monday, November 21, 2011

pics from my weekend

Lots of eating, drinking, and dancing (not pictured). On Saturday night, on our way to a post party, we walked past Katz's deli and my boyfriend and I both shamefully admitted that we had never been. The line was always just too long for me. But luckily that was where everyone wanted to eat at 2 AM. Hooray! I must say their pastrami sandwich definitely lives up to its reputation. It's fantastic! Earlier in the day, the taping of Pilot X was more fun than I ever expected. I was called up to be the Sound Tech and I think I've found my calling. I didn't stop laughing the entire time. Later that evening, before the Hot Rod Circuit show at Williamsburg Music Hall, we went for Vietnamese food and then to a bar that served huge 34 oz beers in styrofoam cups for $4! I'd say it was a perfect weekend.

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