Sunday, January 3, 2010


bloody 'ell it's cold today

writing Ugg a letter asking them to design full bodysuits. shyeah!


Steph said...

I don't know how near you are to a 7-11 but they make and awesome chocolate milk and that's saying a lot because I dislike chocolate milk.

Steph said...

Speaking of UGG...I found an awesome pair I'd never seen before at Ross. Was totally excited thinking I hit the jackpot, but then got really un-excited when I saw the tag 49.99 That's pretty high priced for a Ross.

Stay warm!

Nina said...

i've never heard of Ross. It's a store? Isn't $49.99 super cheap for Uggs?

I loveeeee choco milk but I'm on a diet. erm, detox. erm, cleanse. ha.

Anonymous said...

they actually already make them, just for infants tho and at $150 american their kinda expensive