Monday, January 4, 2010

TA drops a bomb

Today was quite an interesting day. I walked around for most of the day with my head spinning, feeling completely off centered. I was running errands in the morning near where TA lives. He called me and I hadn't seen him in a while so I figured I'd pop by and say hi. Our relationship is not a traditional one, for lack of a better description. I realized on my walk over that I have been seeing him on and off for two years now. How is that possible?

We sat down to talk and I remembered why I love his company so much. He's just so easy to be around. A good friend that I'm incredibly attracted to. After catching up for a few minutes he told me he was engaged. I literally choked. I couldn't find any words. Did I think he would tell me that one day? Yes. Still, I wasn't any more prepared to hear that. How did I not know? Why didn't he tell me sooner? I felt like somebody squeezed my heart and gave it a little twist.

I also wasn't prepared for what came next. He had broken off the engagement. Head spinning. I am overwhelmed. He said he didn't know why he was telling me. I've always been able to contain my feelings for him because I always knew he would never be able to return them. I don't know if I can now.

He's completely wrong for me. Must. Stay. Away.

(Image via Le Love)


Lali said...

:/ stay strong

Nina said...

thanks hun. : ) staying away. at least trying to.

Novelista Barista said...

awe chica :( im with lali... stay strong :(