Monday, January 11, 2010

my (pantsless) weekend

I had quite an interesting weekend. I had planned on staying in all weekend and getting some work done since nothing was really going on. I stayed in Friday, got some writing done, made a big mess in my bedroom, and then watched 20/20. Who am I? I was planning on doing that again on Saturday but I almost went nuts. I guess I go out a lot more than I realize. My roommate called me and he was at a nearby bar with his friends so I rushed out to meet him. We got home after the bar and watched District 9. Interesting movie. Loved the little alien son.

I slept in a bit on Sunday and got a wake up call from Miss Brit. "Ready to take your pants off, girl?" Was I ever. I had been waiting for this day for some time, Improv Everywhere's 9th annual pantsless subway ride. Miss Brit came to pick me up with her friend, Ashley, and her mom (!). We met up with two other friends at the meeting point in Astoria. People with aversions to pants unite!

Our pantsless leader. "If you're not here to take off your pants you're in the wrong place!"

The 'depantsing' process was super organized and it was choreographed so that we would all be removing our pants at different times at different stops. I had trouble keeping a straight face when the first guy started taking off his pants. The looks on the other riders' faces were priceless. (We couldn't take pictures on the train so that we would look like we weren't doing anything out of the ordinary). I was a little nervous when it was my turn. I worried that I would pull down my underwear with my jeans, which, in the end, I ended up doing. I had this incredible, exhilarating feeling of liberation when my pants were off though. I could definitely get used to this.

All of the pantsless, approximately 3,000 of us, united in Union Square afterwards chanting, "No More Pants!"

A lot of people asked if we were cold. Um. Yes! It was freezing and I lost feeling in my toes for about 3 hours. But we had to be strong for our cause! We decided to head to a bar to warm up and get some liquor pumping through our bloodstream. We made it in time for happy hour, two for one drinks! The (cute) bartender laughed at us and said this is the first time I've seen pants come off before people were drunk.

I dethawed my little bum in front of the fire.

We decided to continue our pantsless parade and went to meet (drunk) Little One at another bar. They wouldn't let us in until we put our pants on though. : ( Some more pantsless riders came to meet us and had to put their pants on as well. We felt like completely different people with our pants on. It was...awkward.

It was such a ridiculous and random day filled with a motley crew of people who had one thing in common, they didn't like wearing pants. Sigh. I love NYC. And my pantsless friends.


Bionic Woman said...

Kind of gives new meaning to my mantra of "dance your pants off!"

Sarah said...

Love it! I saw this on CNN this morning.

selene_m said...

Ha Ha!
I love New Yorkers!

Great pictures, btw!

Jason said...

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