Thursday, January 7, 2010

girl date night

I am still in giggle fits as small details of my night keep popping in my head. I had planned on meeting the lovely (and svelt!) Miss Brit for a quick dinner and a movie (Up in the Air). We met up at Rue 57 in midtown west for some oysters, salads, fries (what a combo right? Miss Brit was ordering like she was pregnant) and one (just one) glass of wine. Our friends, John and Eli, joined us for a drink. We kept our eyes on our watch to make sure we would get to the theater in time. The bartender looked at our empty glasses and asked if we wanted another. Brit and I looked at each other and knew that if we agreed to this drink there would be no movie and that our night was taking a downhill turn from nice sober night to ridiculous-ville. We got another round. And another, and another...

Our topics of conversation ranged from making fun of the Jersey Shore cast, imitating Eli's date, checklists of what we look for in a partner, and personal grooming. Every few seconds we were getting glares from people around us and the bartender kept smirking. We would stop, look around, and ask, "Are we talking too loud?" The bartender says, "Oh don't stop now, you've got the whole bar listening in."

We went on to another bar after the restaurant closed. It was one of those random, ridiculous nights where we sat there laughing the entire time and I looked around and wondered how did our planned low-key night end up like this. I was dancing on the streets like Snooki, jumped into a pile of thrown out Christmas tries because in my drunken mind I thought it would be like jumping through fall leaves (read: not the same AT ALL!), played spin the lighter truth or dare where truth questions often involved sex or animals and dares involved penises and hamburgers, and rode a taxi around Queens in search for the perfect home fries. To our extreme disappointment, that diner was closed, so Miss Brit lured me home with with promises of Mac n cheese. I'm so easy, aren't I?

I tiptoed out this morning before she woke up. I think I'll call her again. She's a keeper. : )


Bionic Woman said...

I know where they make excellent mac n cheese...yummmmm

Steph said...

oh god i need a night out :/ working too hard this week... im jealous of your good time!