Tuesday, January 26, 2010

stratton weekend

I had a wonderful few days in Vermont with my girlfriends. It was my first time there, and I'm usually not a snow/winter person, but I absolutely fell in love. I even texted my friend when I got there to say I may be considering mountain woman life. I quickly rescinded that text the following day, after a full day of snowboarding, every inch of my body hurt. I didn't even know I had muscles that could be pulled in those places. My abs hurt so bad that laughing and even breathing was painful. Nonetheless, I am addicted to snowboarding. My girlfriend, K, was such a patient and wonderful teacher and stuff with me until I could stand up and do a full run without falling.

Back at the cabin we drank hot chocolate with kahlua, sipped wine, played funny card games and catch phrase, and soaked our muscles in the hot tub. There were 15 of us and the cabin and while it wasn't quiet it was definitely a fun, relaxing, peaceful, and much needed trip with the girls. (I'll have more photos on my flickr!)

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