Friday, January 1, 2010

Garden State

I haven't really been able to post because I haven't had a minute to myself this past week. My big brother is in town and we've been cramming everyday with fun filled activities. Last weekend he got me a hotel room in our old home town in Jersey so that we could meet up with some friends there. It was such a lovely hotel room, it was a shame I couldn't share the luxury with someone. I got my best friend drunk the next night and made her come have a slumber party with me. (I love slumber parties!) I couldn't sleep the first night and stayed up and watched the sunrise over the river from my window. It was beautiful.

I couldn't get over how many pillows were on my bed. Like 10 pillows for little ol me.

We took a little trip down memory lane and spent the afternoon driving around.

It's been such a wonderful week and I've still got him for 2 more days. I don't want this mini holiday to end.

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nice post. thanks.