Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and go!

Whenever I'm having one of those unproductive, unmotivated days I have no where to go but up. After staring out my window for half of the morning I decided to CTC (or Cut The Crap as my friend Decha would say). I thought of all the things that motivate me. The first one mainly being, I'm unemployed and I really don't want to be bartending when I'm 30. The other that seems to be getting me lately is watching the profiles of all of the Winter Olympics athletes. They're all super young, driven, and have super human athletic abilities. So what's my excuse for sitting on my (growing) ass and staring out the window? Nothing! I downloaded some new music to listen to while I write (French classical- I've been obsessed lately) and got to work.

Around 6PM I was ready for dinner and decided to make a dish using a crockpot that my brother had bought me 5 years ago and I've never even taken it out of the box. I climbed up above the cabinets (no storage space here in NYC) to fetch the dusty box and give the crockpot a pre-rinse.  I flipped through the yummy recipes, mouth watering as I read them until I got to the cook time; 4-6 hours. What the??? So, first attempt in 5 years with the crockpot was a bust. I mean, who plans dinner that far in advance???

Aside for that little snafu in my plans I was back on track and worked until I could barely keep my eyes open. I've got another jug of coffee in my hands and ready to meet my deadline before the weekend. Woot!

(Image via Melissa)


Bionic Woman said...

good little worker bee!

raven said...

well, if it means anything to employed...i work for the government and not a day goes by that i dont wish i was a bartender instead (im 30 also). i'd get to wear a cute outfit that showed off my thighs and dance all night and meet interesting people. it's way better than sitting behind a desk, in my opinion!!!
and about the crock pot--you've gotta give it a try!!! i know, the food does have to cook all day, but it's totally worth it because around the 3rd hour, the yummy food starts to let off a yummy aroma in your whole house--whether you have meat or vegies cooking. AND...once the food IS finally finished cooking, (36 hours later, lol) it's soooooo worth it. The meat is tender, and you feel really accomplished because it was an all-day preperation and you didnt screw it up. (its really hard to screw up a crock-pot meal, unless you completely let the water evaporate to a low level). Try it!!!! My fav is pot roast and potatoes/carrots, or soemtimes ill cook a whole chicken and make meals from it every day of the week.
Try Try Try!!!! I cant wait to see pictures of your first crock-pot adventure.

nina said...

haha i guess the grass is always greener on the other side. trust me, bartending gets old. and thanks for the crock pot pep talk! i will wake up one day and decide what i want for dinner 2 days later and i will use the pot and update you with pictures : )