Thursday, February 25, 2010


With all the sick days I've had lately I've had plenty to time to catch up on movies and TV shows. I've watched a lot of Seinfeld reruns (does it ever get old?) and finished season 2 of Californication. I also watched a random selection of movies (Hitch, Eagle Eye, Harry Potter) and last night I finally gave in to watching Julie & Julia.

At first, I thought it would be an entire movie about cooking that would bore me to death. A movie about cooking it was, bored to death, I wasn't. It was an adorable film and I love that it was partly set in Queens, NY. I found myself at times relating to Julie Powell's character, someone who's nearing 30 and doesn't feel like she's accomplished anything. There was a scene early on where she goes to lunch with her friends and they're all talking about how busy their lives are with their careers and Julie, who was clearly not as busy or established, sits there feeling...lacking. I was like oh my god! That's how I feel when I see my girlfriends! I'm always calling them in the middle of the day and they're like, "Gah, I'm so busy. I'm in the middle of a meeting. Can I call you back next week?" And I'm left sitting there staring at a blank phone screen, feeling like a total slacker just because I'm not as busy. Anyway, adorable film, go see it.

If you loved Julie & Julia, I highly recommend reading Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunée. The writer's memoir takes you through her journey from Korea to New Orleans to the south of France in search of herself and ultimately finding her sense of place through her cooking. Such a beautiful and poetic book.

In keeping with the French theme, I just recently downloaded the Amelie soundtrack. (I know, I'm years behind!) It's so sweet and whimsical. I listen to it while I work.

OK, are you ready to book your flight to France yet?

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