Sunday, February 14, 2010

luke, I am your Valentine

So, it turns out I do have a Valentine after all. (A first in years!) I really just want to stay in, order Chinese, watch movies, and snuggle but we're gonna venture out and have a "real date" since I joked we've never had one before. Now I have to figure out what to wear. Red is my favorite color and I love things with hearts on it but today it may look like I'm trying super hard. (Or like my 7th grade English teacher).

PS- I debated making him a card (construction paper, glitter, and glue) but, again, I don't wanna scare him off just yet. I thought this Star Wars Valentine would be cute since he was utterly appalled that I have never watched Star Wars.


Kelly said...

this is adorable!

raven said... did the date go???