Wednesday, January 7, 2009

26, Responsible, Naked Dog Walker

First day of puppy sitting went very well. There is something a bit odd about hanging out in a perfect stranger's house without him being there. The puppy, Dylan Thomas, was the so cute and stupid and so full of energy. He wouldn't stop chewing on my lace up boots, so I took those off and put in a spot he couldn't reach. Then he started biting my socks so I took those off. Then he tried to bite the buttons off my cardigan so I took that off. Would anyone find it odd if I was puppy sitting in the nude? What if the guy walked in and thought I was into beastiality? All in all I had a pleasant afternoon playing with the little bugger and picking up his poop. I almost felt like I was 16 again and baby sitting. Except I didn't invite my boyfriend over or try to smother the puppy with a pillow.


Lali said...

dont smother the puppy, and try not to be to naked ;)

Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE IT. Thats great because you get to play and love the puppy without have all the responsibility of really having to care for it.