Tuesday, January 20, 2009

About Me:

I was assigned a little project to describe myself in 75 words or less, preferably in a way that would make people want to date me. I wracked my brain for a little bit and realized that I always describe myself in a deprecating way i.e. I'm neurotic, narcissistic, moody... Hmmm. What are the good qualities and facts about me? I asked some friends since I felt like they would have a good objective opinion. My friend, Tim, says, "Well, I think you're smart and beautiful..." OK. I can't really say, "Well I'm smart and beautiful." I decided to make a list of any facts I could think of; things I like to do, things I love, things I hate, etc. Here's what I came up with:

1) I hate picky eaters. Sometimes, I make exceptions for people with allergies.
2) Addicted to online shopping.
3) I find humor in small things.
4) I dance like a penguin.
5) I like to act tough but am a big marshmallow inside.
6) I do sometimes think I need anger management.
7) I used to steal eggs from my old roommates.
8) I wear the same t-shirt to bed every night.
9) I really like my butt.
10) People make me nervous. Especially on the phone.
11) I have a tendency to say inappropriate things at the dinner table.
12) I never know the words to any songs.
13) I copy people's accents when I'm drunk.
14) I'm drunk alot.
15) I'm always caught in a rainstorm with no umbrella, wearing a white t-shirt.
16) I dance around my apartment in my underwear.
17) My friends' parents used to never let them sleepover my house when I was a kid.
18) I read a lot of books.
19) I'm bad at guessing age. I usually think people are much younger than they are.
20) I think I'm smarter than everyone.
21) I don't like toast.
22) I love eggs and potatoes. Any way you cook 'em.
23) I feel really great after a good swim.
24) I write notes on everything: my hand, receipts, napkins...and you will always find random pieces of paper with my notes on it.
25) I was a spelling bee champ in 5th grade.
26) I like putting my butt on things.
27) Shows I love: THS, First 48, Unsolved Mysteries, Girls Next Door, Dexter, Lost, Greys Anatomy, Oprah, Regis and Kelly.
28) I love stupid mindless comedies.
29) I have a really, really good memory.
30) I'm really great at imitating people.
31) I don't like being touched.
32) I only wash dishes when I need them.

Also, if this says anything about me at all, currently, the clutter on my desk includes: an empty ginger ale bottle, an empty can of Monster Java, a half empty cup of green tea, 7 vitamin bottles, a box of chocolates, a half eaten bag of crackers, a pile of notes and receipts.


Lali said...

"a Lass with a sexy ass, she loves a good dip in the pool, and dives into great reads. her vices are a great meal & killer cocktail, both which she can whip up on her own. beware her IQ is higher than yours, but hostess with the mostess-she will put you at ease with her infectious smile and cute sassy laugh"


Anonymous said...

You have me beat. I only have 5 vitamin bottles on my desk and an Ensure. Also, cup of black tea, rice crackers, chocolate, and lots of notes as well.
One place that I tend to write notes is on envelopes from mail I've opened. I have a ton of those.
I'm also a recovering post-it addict.

-britt j.