Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been stuck in bed with the flu for the past few days. I'm supposed to be brainstorming some ideas for a writing sample but all I can think about is Boobies! What the hell? A friend of mine just recently got hers done. I haven't really seen it yet but I'm looking forward to it. Then I ran into another friend a week ago who had had hers done. I couldn't stop staring at them, they were just so round and big. Don't get me wrong. I have totally come to terms with my little mosquito bites and grown to absolutely love how they look (I will never sag!), but I was having a little boob envy. While my friend talked about....God, I have no idea what she was talking about....I was just staring at her boobs and picturing what I would look like with boobs and how my life might differ. I wonder if this is what all girls with boobs go through; People not looking them in their eye and not hearing one thing they have to say. I imagined all my stories going to waste. I used to long for a boob job in my early teens, wanting to feel like a woman, and wanting to fit into triangle bikini tops. I thought about it again momentarily this weekend, weighing the pros and cons in my head, and remembered all the reasons why I couldn't and wouldn't. Besides the fact that people would always use that as a reason to discredit you i.e. "Yeah, she's pretty but her boobs are fake," I know that I wouldn't be a responsible owner of boobs. What's that saying? With great boobs come great responsibility? I don't trust myself to not have them hanging out all over the place.


Lali said...

well, even as a fatty girl, my boobs were like, huge (the weight loss has me down like two cup sizes i think)

my boobs are always out. always, i cant help it, i wear a tee shirt and thats the first thing peeps notice.

now they arent that big, and i am loving this new size, i actually wore a dress for my bday WITHOUT a bra,and i didnt look trashy!

i stare at boobs, if my friends have them out i am always molesting them. hehe

i prefer real ones,

ohh this summer during a hot makeout session with this guy who i thought was way out of my league, well after seeing/feelng them was like "you have nice breast" (he may have said boobs... i cant recall..too much vodka) but i was thrilled that he said that!


p.s. small boobs are fabulous as well!

Anonymous said...

I have a close friend who got her's done too and she was bigger than me to begin with!

They look nice sometimes, but they do look fake, esp in a triangle top. They feel ok, but don't really jiggle which is kind of creepy.

I often think about getting them, like just one size bigger, but I think it would freak me out to have something foreign in my body. I wish I could just try it out. See how they would look.

-brittany j.