Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sucky Sig-O Clause

I think most people would agree that living with a significant other kinda sucks. You feel trapped when you're fighting and don't want to sleep in the same bed. You can't bitch about him on the phone with your girlfriends because he can hear you. He has more opportunities to disappoint you when trying to keep up with your sex drive. I think most would agree that moving out of said shared apartment after a split with the significant other sucks even more. I am a strong supporter of the notion that if the significant other sucked so badly forcing you to break up with them and move out then the person who sucked so badly should be courteous enough to arrange and pay for all moving expenses. They should also move to a remote island to spare you from the nausea induced by a run-in.

Hours later, a goodnight message from my girlfriend who rocks:
g night bunwin....happy thoughts and drinks
tom. to forget lame exes and time wasted!!
cheers to new beginnings, men,
adventure and much success...and...im out!! Love..



Lali said...

I have lived with a plus-1 before. not a pretty thing towards the end.

i feel living in NYC you see more people living together to save on rent...hehe

but i digress. and i do agree, the sucky person should move out/or pay for moving expenses,and leave the area.

when i would fight with my X, i would be soooo quiet(quite rare for me) that he would go crazy and leave the apt, or pester me to talk ;)

i have an interview manana, roc center area, maybe afterward before i grab my stuff from my moms i can catch up with you,

i will "holla" actha' manana.

Anonymous said...

wow. we have very similar situations, don't we?

unfortunately for me, not only do i have to pay my moving expenses, but also have to help him out with continuing to live there because he's broke right now and i'm sucker enough to not want to see him out on his ass.

and now i'm trying to find a place far enough away (leaving a town i love) to not end up at the same bars as him, but still remain close to work.

buuuut, leaving him is worth longer commute and having to befriend new bartenders.