Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

My New Years started off a bit rocky. Not really going to get into it. Long story short, too much double vodka induced tears. Le Sigh.

A stranger witnessed my public weeping and asked what have I got to cry about. While I should have a agreed and gone on to realize how lucky I am and be grateful for all that I have, that insightful reflection didn't reach me till quite a ways later...after replying with "WHAT HAVE I GOT TO CRY ABOUT?! EVERYTHING! WAAHHHHHHH!"...followed by a myriad of reasons that made no sense.

And here we are, quite a ways later...Things that I am grateful for in '08:

My amazing rent stabilized studio apartment in Manhattan. The place down the street that does $7 manicures and $6 eyebrow threading. My ridiculous good looks. My really hard ass, even when not clenched. My awesome siblings that I've grown to love including their partners and cute spawn. That I'm able to pay my bills working 3 days a week. My great boyfriend who hasn't agreed to wash my hair for me yet. My kick ass friends that are always there for me and inspire me everyday. The fact that a handful of them still like being friends with me. And last but not least- I am grateful for the fact that I have clear goals, know what I want in life, and will take down anyone who gets in my way. Just kidding. Kind of.

Which leads to my goals for '09: Blah. Blah. Blah. They're the same every year but I'm gonna keep making them every year until I accomplish all of them. First is continuing my December resolution to lose 10 pounds. I haven't weighed myself lately but I'm pretty sure I'm not close though I have been seeing results. So I'm gonna estimate that I have about 8 more pounds to go. See ya later mash potato-dirty martini- stomach! Second biggest goal, actually it's my first biggest goal, is to finish my book. I had a little set back in October when the great computer crash decided it would delete 137 pages of my almost complete book. I cried alot- but I took it as a sign. My computer must have thought the original was a piece of shit and I needed to rewrite. I would have preferred a few red marks on paper but fine whatever. When life deletes a years worth of beg your doctor for a prescription of aderol and start writing again. I guess that's all really for goals. Others are just small ones. Work harder. Stop watching reruns of stupid reality shows. Stop buying things I don't need. Be nicer to people who aren't as smart as me. '09 is gonna top '08. I got a good feeling. : )

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