Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NYSC, I don't heart you today!

Normally NYSC rocks my world. I love the pool, endless supply of shampoo, and the fat cleaner guy whose crack is always out reminding me that I never want my ass to look like that. Today, however, I'm really bitter about all those New Years Resolution Makers who all decide they wanted to lose weight this year, all at the same time, all at my pool. I called this morning to reserve a lane. There's always one open. Not today. All lanes reserved for the rest of the day. But, the lifeguard on the phone told me, just come in, the walk-in lane is always free. So I take my time, do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. I'm pretty tired and almost want to skip the swim but then there would have been no point in going to the gym on 49th when there were closer ones on 23rd. Stop being lazy, I tell myself. I'm already here and am already wearing a bathing suit under my clothes. I rinse off in the shower and head to the pool. All four lanes had 2 people swimming in them and there were 3 people on the sides waiting. What the F?! I swear these people better get over their resolutions real fast.

I debated showering, since I usually only shower at the gym after a swim, but I was already partially wet, I might as well just shower there. I was happily scrubbing away with my head full of shampoo when all of a sudden the water pressure slows to 3 measly little drips. Oh come on! I walk into the next stall. Same pressure. Arg! I try to wash out the rest of the shampoo with the scrimpy pressure (what else could I do?) but the water was scalding hot. I turn the knob to the coldest and it was still skin melting hot. I bend over hoping to just get my hair under the water but it totally burned my scalp. Just friekin' great. I had no choice but to dry off and soak up the suds with a towel and would just have to finish at home.

I went and told the swiper girl at the front desk about the water. This is absolutely ridiculous. What if I had to get back to work for a really important meeting? I mean, all I had planned for the rest of the day was to do laundry and watch Oprah. But they don't know that. The shower is my favorite part of going to the gym. Unacceptable, NYSC!


Lali said...

You couldn't catch a break today with water huh? Hope your laundry is done now. Is it sad I watched Oprah and actually took notes?

Nina said...

Woh that coffee really worked eh? Thank god I finished my laundry by 1am. I would totally take notes on Oprahs best life week but my channel 7 comes in really fuzzy and I can barely hear what she says. I think it's more sad that I still watch it like that.