Saturday, March 14, 2009

always a bridesmaid...

I took an online dating personality quiz today and while it asked some random questions that I wasn't sure how to answer like, "Who would you rather have catch you masturbating, Mom or Dad," (I said mom), I was surprised to see it was pretty on point. I am, in fact, a perfect catch!

The Maid of Honor
Deliberate Gentle Love Master (DGLM)

Appreciated for your kindness and envied for all your experience, you are The Maid of Honor.

Charismatic, affectionate, and terrific in relationships, you are what many guys would call a “perfect catch”—and you probably have many admirers, each wishing to capture your long-term love. You’re careful, extra careful, because the last thing you want is to hurt anyone. Especially some poor boy whose only crime was liking you.

We’ve deduced you’re fully capable of a dirty fling, but you do feel that post-coital attachment after hooking up. So, conscientious person that you are, you do your best to reserve physical affection for those you you can respect yourself.

Your biggest negative is the byproduct of your careful nature: indecision. You’re just as slow rejecting someone as you are accepting them.
This last line is especially true for me.

Take the quiz and see if you're my perfect match, The Gentleman.

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