Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peruvian and Cuban Tuesday

Went to an impromptu lunch at Pio Pio with TIm and Adalhi. Stuffed ourselves with a half chicken, rice and beans, avocado salad, mini hotdogs, fries, flan, and green sauce. We were still sitting there at 5:30, pants unbuttoned, when I fretted that I would still be too stuffed for my dinner date at 8pm.

Me: Am I going to have to purge before my date?
T & A (not tits and ass): Um, yeah probably. I think we'll have to too.

On the way back to my apartment we stopped by GNC because Tim probably needed to restock to a year's supply of Muscle Milk. Adalhi says, "Oh look, Nina, this is what you need...."

A helped me get dressed for my date:

Do you think it screams, "Hello, I'm looking for Love"? A says it looks like I'm ready for the first day of school.

I liked that this guy took the initiative to pick out the restaurant (Cuban). Wish me luck tonight!


Frijolita said...

Good luck!!!! You're outfit is awesome btw. Cuban food never seems to fail either.

Lali said...

LOL! classic